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Amalie Marine Engine Oil 50 - 40 TBN

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Amalie Marine Engine Oil 30 TBN engine oils are marine engine oils that meet the requirement of medium speed trunk piston engines used as the main propulsion and auxiliary engines on deepsea
vessels, as main propulsion engines on coastal and river ships, and in stationary power applications. Amalie marine engine oil 30 TBN are offered in SAE 30, SAE 40, and SAE 50 grades. They
are designed to meet the needs of engines operating on heavy fuel. They are recommended for use in the latest model high power 2 and 4 cycle diesel engines. These oils are especially beneficial
in engines having low crankcase oil consumption, or operating with low cylinder liner temperatures, and with fuels having moderate sulfur contents. These Amalie 30 TBN marine engine oils are
formulated to provide excellent resistance to thermal degradation, and to promote a high level of engine cleanliness and protection against wear. They have good resistance to oxidation and
viscosity increases over long operating periods. Relatively high alkalinity reserves in the oils provide superior protection, neutralizing strong acids resulting from elevated sulfur fuels that find access
to the crank case to promote oil degradation, ring, cylinder, and bearing corrosion. These oils are formulated to eliminate under crown deposits, reduce piston ring belt deposits, and maintain
camshaft spaces and crankcase cleanliness. It contains the industry leading thermal and oxidation stability for long oil life and good oil consumption control. These oils provide outstanding lube/
fuel compatibility
208 л
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